jueves, 9 de agosto de 2007

Interview My Grand Mother

1. Where were you born?
She From Italy
2. Did you grow up there?
Yes, I came for Venezuela when tape 15 years
3. Where did you go to elementary school?
I do not
4. Where did you go to high school?
I don´t
5. Did you ever have a part- time job?
Work not doing cakes
6. Did you use to have a pet?
If I have a parrot and two dogs
7. Who your best friend when you were a child?
My better friend was my sister irene
8. Did you study English when you were a child?
9. Where did you study English where you were a child?
It does not study, not nothing of English
10. What games did you use to play?
it played with muchecas of rag
11. What about your favorite food?
My favorite food is pasta
12. Did you ever have a boyfriend?
From the 18 years I have he himself fiancè my husband

I`d to travel to France and Italy because they both seem to me romantic countries but of the world!

France is a diverse, multicultural earth and, by many reasons, one of the most attractive countries of Europe. Each region of France distills an own air, a particular style, which makes that to cross France it means to cross many, and well-taken care of countries diverse, beautiful. In France I want to go to visit the Eiffel tower and among other things.

Italy for my is one of the countries but complete worldwide it has from parts you cold to beaches, when one thinks about going to Venice knows that that is one of the romantic cities but, to take a walk in the canoe, to go to blunt, to go to the seat of san pedro and to the baticano he is the best thing. The best football players are the Italians.

Ted and Ana

Ted form USA and Ana from Argentina!! They met in the park and Ted invites Ana to take an coffe.
Then they knew that the love among them was for always. they married after 5 months of fiancès. They had two children one that called ricardo and the other that called Ted.

Roasted bittersweet

To cut the panceta in you shiver and to lard the meat with her.

To prick garlic and some capers, to mix with the vinegar, the salt, the pepper and the thyme.

To bathe the meat with this mixture, to surround in an aluminum lamina and to let macerate during one night in the refrigerator.

When one is going away to cook, to retire the lamina, to dust the meat with sugar and to rehogar in a casserole with three spoonfuls of oil, until well it is gilded.

To bathe with a little broth, to add escalonias bare, the remaining capers, you leave and pepper.

To cook during one hour and average, woman who hides herself with mantel and to smooth fire.

To serve accompanied with its juice, escalonias and the capers.

The House of my dream

The house of my dreams must have a house by all means swimming pool and a great swimming pool with view to all the city.

Aside from that it must have 4 quarters and one part where it makes many grills.

The kitchen must be embedded and very beautiful.

With a full beautiful garden of many roses and beautiful flowers.

Or Something like that.

My Friend Jose

My friend Jose is 21 years old, he is of cabimas and he studies with me industrial engineering.

To it enchants to him to cook, and also he is very moody.

This is my better friend always with me for above and down, I adore it.

jueves, 2 de agosto de 2007